I’m exploring water and our connection to this transparent, odorless, tasteless chemical made up of one oxygen and two hydrogen molecules. This is a year-long project, and possibly a 4-year long project as I explore each of the elements (water, air, earth and fire) as they relate to us in their multiplicities. I am going to jot down my thoughts, feelings and memories related to water and ponder the connections.

So this is just a start but I shared it with a friend and he really liked it so I thought I’d put it out into the virtual sphere, air, where ever words go these days…


I fell into her arms, tears streaming down my cheeks
‘You are water’ she said to me
As she held me tight
We spent our summer days swimming, floating and playing on boats
Flipping ourselves over in canoes and laughing
The Ottawa River holding our bodies afloat
The days sunny and long in front of us
Not a care in the world
Only when Grandma called ‘Lunchtime!’ did we leave the water
Running over the sand and up the hill in our bare feet, dripping wet
To grab a sandwich, stuffing our faces so fast so we could run back down to
The water
I love the rain
The cold wet drops wake me up to my living in this body
In this day
In this moment
And your
eyes are even more beautiful
In the rain


Birds in Scarborough

I noticed the birds this morning on Markham

My drive to work, passing strip malls, concrete sidewalks and several Tim Hortons

My eyes wide, perspective shifted and the sky opened up to my


The seagulls flying overhead

The hundreds of small birds clinging to the telephone wires, lined up across the intersection

The majestic bird with a wide wingspan and a peaceful spirit (is it a hawk, or an eagle?) soaring over all of us in our hustle and bustle

Did these birds arrive this morning, awakening Scarborough with their presence?

Or have they always been here, in their beauty and grace, but I have failed to notice?

All I do know if that my heart is a little more open this morning

Thankful for the birds.

A Sunday Morning in June

Oh, how I love the morning!
The sun, filtering through the leaves
The leaves whispering hallelujah, as they dance with the soft breeze
Breeze of wind, holiness embodied in air that I cannot grasp but coolness that tickles my skin
And the birds, oh the birds
Singing their songs, so many sounds, high melody mixed with rhythmic chatter and single-note chirps
A symphony in my yard that wakes me to this new day


I don’t know how to answer the questions he asks
His big green eyes filling with tears, his 6-year old small hands ripping apart a napkin across the table
‘What if the planet dies? What if there is too much pollution and no more trees and we run out of oxygen? What if you die? I don’t want to be alone.’
I don’t have any answers
I can’t say don’t worry, everything will be fine, when I don’t know that to be true
What I try to say:
Let’s love fiercely, my child
Intertwine our lives together like the roots of two Redwood trees, sustaining strength in each other
Let’s go deeply into our moments together, allowing ourselves to open and bloom like the flowers that you love so much
We are connected, to each other and to all life, and you my son, will never be alone

Looking at Flowers

I am taking the challenge to live now.
Not as I have been –
Scuttling on ragged claws,
eyes blinded by the search for
newer, better and brighter
eyes looking so hard for a paradise of story books,
eyes that feel so heavy under the weight of expectation.

I am choosing to be alive now.
And life is found only when eyes
are open to notice fragile moments,
only when my body is alert
only through a waltz that is easily unnoticed,
when we take notice of the fairy dance in rings of tangled flowers.
Life begins when
I am quiet enough to see.

Gaia Roars

Part 1

Gaia roars,
Rumbling from her belly,
Her love growing from the depth of her anger,
She is bigger and
than all of us.
And I witness her rage,
Grass growing through the
paved highways,
Her assertion of taking up space.
Gaia roars.

Part 2 – Can’t You Hear Her?

“The blue sky is her mind, the green leaves pulse with her blood, the wind is her breath, the rain, her water of life. She is Gaia, the Earth Mother, but also subtler than that.” – Ram Dass

You told me (tucking your body in tightly, looking at the ground)
that you couldn’t dance
knowing of her ongoing rape,
by skidders
and corporate judgements.
You looked past me, because I was too small to love,
And you had boxed yourself too tightly into rage,
Screaming into your pillow at night,
Rocking back and forth is sobs.
You told me that you were afraid of
going crazy,
like every woman who breaks my
silence late at night,
falling into the insanity of rage,
warranting straight jackets
and solitude
in a cold, white room.
You told me that you were too
dark to love.

But no.
I love you, because you are the darkness of Gaia’s corners,
the wilderness of hurricanes and
ocean storms.
And yet, you and I, we are also
both maple keys,
burying ourselves into the soil,
imagining our future as two
entwining trees, grounded but spreading,
dancing wildly,
celebrating our rebirth.



The ocean carries my body, weightless
Swimming is like flying, with the freedom and joy but without the anxiety, as I’ve always been afraid of heights
Nestled in my silence, with only the sound of my breathing, the ocean sings that life is here, life is everywhere, and we are all connected
The ocean is shouting now: have you forgotten the fact that we are all connected? Where have you been, running too fast to feel connection?
Light reflects through the water, where I swim through thousands of brilliantly colored and baby minnows just born
Life cycles to death which cycles to life here
We are all connected