Resonance in Song

A year ago, my friend and I started a band. We went out one night and discussed how we loved music and wanted to have more music in our life. I have always been a musician, singing in choirs as a child, and playing guitar since I was 16 years old. But when life got busy as I became adult with kids and job commitments, sadly I stopped making time for music. My friend found music later in life, teaching young children in a classroom and learning the ukulele to use to engage her students. It was a pivotal conversation and a jumping point for what is now our cover band: Folked Up. We practice in my back den every two weeks or so, and we just have a fun time trying tunes and playing around with harmonies. And I am so happy that music has come back into my life.

What I love most about singing in my band, is harmonizing. I am not generally a religious person, but the only way I can describe my feelings when I harmonize, is that I feel the presence of God/the Ground of Being/something greater than myself. I hear/feel resonance – energy coming together and multiplying, like tidal waves carrying across the ocean and crashing on the shores. And I feel transformed by this resonance, fundamentally changed.

We decided to do a small house concert for friends and family, to mark our one year of making music together. We aren’t polished, we make mistakes and fumble, but despite our nerves, we wanted to share this piece of our lives. Here are a few songs for you to enjoy!:

Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) –

You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) –

Down Under (Men At Work) –

Karma Chameleon (Boy George) –

I Will Give You Everything (Skydiggers) –

All About the Bass (Meaghan Trainor) –