Our little street party last weekend

Our annual Street Festival was last weekend, and wow, what a festival it was! I feel so lucky that I live on our street, with so many amazing neighbors who are now friends. When I think about community development and what community means to me, by connection to my street and my neighborhood is what first comes to mind. I interact with my street and my neighbors every single day, and how we live and play together as a community has such a profound impact on my life and on my childrens lives. I feel so so blessed that we found our amazing street.

   We probably had over 100 people at our street party, and activities included a bike parade, potluck supper, water balloon toss, talent show and then lots of socializing. Tons of kids of all ages, and my two sons (aged 7 and 1.5) ran around with them all, with lots of laughing and fun. I knew a lot of my neighbors at the street party because we have lived on the street for 10 years and we are very social, but I met lots of new folks as well, who just moved in. There was such a feeling of celebration and community love in the air. The highlight of the night was that the neighbors who started the street festival 20 years ago (!) are now moving into a condo down the street (because they are older with some health issues so can’t upkeep their house and garden). There was a  celebration of their commitment to the street and community life, and they told the story of how they started 20 years ago, with a pile of hotdogs and some flyers and their interest in knowing the names of their neighbors. Another neighbor who also was there at the beginning, surprised them with a painting that he did of their house, so they would remember us and put the painting up in their new condo. It was very touching, and so wonderful to hear the history of our street party. I feel inspired, to get more involved so that the tradition keeps going and to teach my children about the importance of community and doing the little things that matter to take care of each other. Thanks Shannon and Pam, for making our little street amazing!


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